Wheel alignment on modern cars is that a quick ‘Super market’ job, or something that needs your expertise?Are you and your customers disappointed with ‘Toe and Go’ jobs? It is really hard to explain away a $800 run flat tire that has chewed the edges a few months after you have had the alignment done by the align shop down the road.

Bring your workshop into the 21st Century and gain control.

The Manatec 3D Align equipment is VERY high precision. If you combine that with the AECS training and technical support you have THE BEST PACKAGE in town.

The animations in the Manatec software make it super easy to make adjustments to all alignment angles to match the values in the extensive on board database.

The Space saving Genie 3D Elite model has the 3D cameras attached to a (not included) 4 post hoist or scissor lift, creating the option of a drive through wheel alignment bay.


SKU: 10000-90

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