Launch Auscan 4 Tool



Launch Auscan – Impressive vehicle coverage and full system diagnostics.
Over the years AECS has tried, tested, and compared scan tools. Launch has always come out on top, from its impressive vehicle coverage, through to full system diagnosis.
The Launch AUSCAN scan tool is one of the best scan tools that you can buy in NZ.
Features of the AUSCAN are:
Scans 125+ brands, each vehicle fully covered.
Re-program modules, code injectors and keys, fast live data and accurate graphing.
Print/email reports directly from the AUSCAN to your customer.• Code troubleshoot and guides accessible directly from the scan tool.
Easy 1 click updates (3 yrs included*).
AECS technical support database directly from the tool (optional).
12-months AECS technical support (optional).


AUSCAN 4 is the latest industry leading, first rate, world class series of Launch diagnostic scan tools which has been specifically designed and exclusive for the Australasian market. Apart from all the functions of its predecessor, AUSCAN 3, it has more memory and a better processor. It runs smoother and has more software and flexibility than ever before. Launch has made a superior product with the ability and flexibility to add optional Truck, Agriculture, Machinery, Motorcycle, EV, Online Programming and ADAS software to make it the most powerful tool on the Australasian market.

SKU: 10000-140

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