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Dysfunctional Dyna

Toyota Dyna 2014The problem presented to the support team was a Toyota Dyna 2014 with a DPF( Diesel particulate filter ) showing full and requiring regeneration. The driver of this fleet vehicle had carried out a regeneration, only to travel for another hour on the open road to find that the vehicle was again requiring a regeneration. Only now the driver could not actually carry out the regen as the DPF regen button was not co- operating. A distressed driver called the workshop for advice. ...

May 17, 2024

Launch Training

AECS Equipment attends Launch factory training in Sydney...

April 16, 2024

Jaltest visit to AECS Equipment

It was great to have our South East Asia & Oceania Sales Exec, Irene Bellon from Jaltest visit us at AECS Equipment HQ in Masterton recently. We had a great session going over the latest product innovations and how we can collectively improve customer service. As the benchmark in multi brand diagnostics, Jaltest is particularly well suited to New Zealand's unique Heavy Vehicle repair market. With extensive coverage of the Commercial Vehicle, Agricultural Vehicle, Off Highway Vehicle and...

April 5, 2024

AECS Visits Cosber Technology in China

AECS Equipment recently visited the Cosber Brake Testing and Dynamometer manufacturing plant in Foshan China.AECS Equipment maintains a steady order book of Cosber Brake Testers installed into New Zealand’s light and heavy inspection and repair sectors. We are also excited to install our first Cosber 2WD Dynamometer very soon, so the opportunity to visit the manufacturing plant in Foshan was one not to be missed. The plant is impressive as is the fact that Cosber manufactures and assemble...

April 5, 2024

Diagnostic Tool Software Updates

It is always nice to have a shiny new piece of equipment in your workshop. Increased productivity, efficiency, new abilities and reliability are often reasons that drive business owners to reach into their back pockets. Scan tools are as essential as elementary hand tools in a modern workshop. You need to have one or it's difficult to do much with a vehicle. Even simple servicing can now require writing data into onboard service systems on many vehicles which can be quite time consumin...

March 11, 2024

Jaltest Multibrand Heavy Diesel Diagnostics

Diagnostic capabilities including pass-through programming as well as information on electrical systems such as component locations, wiring diagrams, test procedures, service schedules, are very difficult to source outside of an authorised dealership. Jaltest and AECS Equipment can offer solutions to these requirements. The Jaltest system is modular and is broken down into separate categories:Commercial vehicles - Trucks, Trailers, Busses and Light commercialsAgricultural vehicles - Tractor...

March 8, 2024


As refrigerant loss over time is unavoidable, the potential for failure in A/C and EV battery cooling systems increases.Many manufacturers specify servicing AC systems every two years to maintain optimal performance. Regular servicing will prevent system damage, restore system performance, reduce fuel consumption and increase battery range for EV owners. Maintenance costs are far lower than repair costs for your customers.The Brainbee Air-Nex 9450 is fully automatic and easy to use. When AC serv...

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