Jaltest Multibrand Heavy Diesel Diagnostics

Multibrand Heavy diesel diagnostics with some team work added

Diagnostic capabilities including pass-through programming as well as information on electrical systems such as component locations, wiring diagrams, test procedures, service schedules, are very difficult to source outside of an authorised dealership. Jaltest and AECS Equipment can offer solutions to these requirements. 

The Jaltest system is modular and is broken down into separate categories:

  • Commercial vehicles - Trucks, Trailers, Busses and Light commercials

  • Agricultural vehicles - Tractors, Harvesters, Self-propelled and Isobus powered implements

  • Off Highway equipment- Heavy and Compact diggers, Stationary engines/Generators and Multipurpose vehicles

  • Materials handling equipment – Telehandlers and Forklifts etc. 

  • A growing range of Electric heavy vehicle coverage is being progressively added

The modular system means you do not have to purchase the entire Jaltest package, but can be configured to cover the vehicles or equipment you work with. 

In recent times this has expanded from diagnostic modules to information modules which include direct access to Manufacturers data systems. 

Pass through programming is also available on demand by booking a session with Jal test engineers. 

Jal test diagnostic systems receive 3 major information updates per year from a team of over 100 engineers who work full time on adding to the brands, models, and specific technical information. 

AECS is in regular contact with the Jal test team feeding back information on our unique fleet. An example of this was our request to increase emphasis on the Asian brand truck software, helping to equip our customers with kiwi specific functions, information and model coverage.

Below is an example of a Jaltest Topographical forma showing the recently developed communication bus architecture of all networks. Scans can also be displayed in the usual list format. 

AECS Equipment works closely with our clients to find solutions for real time problems encountered in the field. Our support does not stop at finding the best tool package for the job but includes on vehicle diagnostic technical support. We build relationships with our customers providing unrivalled levels of support from tool use, managing licence continuity and real time diagnostic solutions which can be uploaded to our technical support forum for analysis by our in-house support team. Our goal is to help you increase productivity, efficiency and keep repair jobs in house. 

Hamish Van Lier

Technical Support Engineer


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