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Cosber Dyno

The Cosber Dyno is extremely well designed and built, easy to set up and use and it also happens to be a beautiful looking piece of kit. Appearances are not everything but this dyno highlights Cosber’s attention to detail and the pride they have in their gear which is something that will reflect well on an owner's business.

The Cosber Dyno represents the pinnacle of Cosber Technology's manufacturing excellence, renowned for its robust design, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal, which not only ensures optimal performance but also enhances the professional image of any business using it.

Cosber Technology, established in 1999 and previously known as Shenzhen Cosber Industrial, is China's leading manufacturer of chassis dynamometers and high-quality brake testing equipment. AECS Equipment serves as Cosber’s distributor in New Zealand, where many of Cosber’s car and truck brake testers are already operational under the AECS STT range, reflecting a strong legacy of reliable performance.

To ensure the successful integration of the CosberDyno into the New Zealand market, AECS Equipment’s technical team embarked on a pre-delivery visit to Cosber's 20,000 square metre factory in Foshan, China. This visit included thorough inspection and training sessions, facilitated by Cosber’s exceptional hospitality and professionalism. The state-of-the-art factory underscored Cosber’s commitment to in-house manufacturing and stringent quality control, with only a few components being sourced externally such as the bearings from SKF and electrical components from Nord.

We brought in the DynoCosber 1000P model, a 1000hp, 250 kph, 2WD dyno which has a maximum axle testing load of 2500 kg or a drive over load of 5000 kg. The big brother is the 2000P, a 2000hp, 250 kph 4WD dyno with an adjustable wheel base platform from 2180 to 3380mm. Then there is the 4 wheel synchronised EV tester which is based on the 4WD adjustable wheel base platform but includes Cosber’s patented Z-Shaft drive system. The Z-Shaft system is able to provide a constant speed at all four wheels for the most accurate EV traction control system and multi motor system testing. 

These dynos are pretty versatile as they can be ordered for in ground applications, or with the mobility package, can be mounted above ground. For the 1000P 2WD model we have just installed the portability aspect provides some significant benefits. With a set of retractable wheels the 700kg dyno bench can be moved around the workshop by one person. Not only are the dyno bench and ramps portable, the PC/monitor and control cabinets are also mounted on casters and all easily stored away meaning the dyno is not being driven over every time a vehicle comes in and out of the workshop.

The 1000P 2WD drive dyno is a 32 amp single phase powered unit which means it is able to complement the widest scope of workshops. The control hardware and software are all developed by Cosber, there are two keyboards, one connected by USB and the second a wireless one for controlling the dyno from the driver's seat. The software is run on a Windows 10 platform and the internal database records and stores all tests. Other features include the self diagnostic and calibration interfaces, specially treated grooved rollers for optimal tyre adhesion while minimising wear and the air cooled eddy current retarder which achieves enhanced performance, precise control and ensures high durability and lifelong maintenance free operation. 

The icing on the cake is that the 1000P is upgradeable and can be converted into a 2000P 4WD dyno. The software is already installed on the PC and purchasing another 1000P 2WD dyno, the wheelbase adjuster unit and a three phase power supply is all that's required to move into 4WD testing.

The successful installation and initial impressions of the Cosber Dyno affirm Cosber’s dedication to quality and precision. This new addition to AECS Equipment's offerings promises to deliver substantial value to our clients, reinforcing AECS’s reputation for excellent after-sales support and technical assistance, ensuring customers achieve maximum return on their investment.


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