Testing the speed sensors attached to wheels, transmissions and engines are seemingly daily jobs for some workshops. While the true signal generated by the sensor can only be truly measured with an oscilloscope a simple test to identify the actual sensor causing the issue would be a great help in reducing diagnosis time.

Jaltest SST is a small portable unit designed to check the correct operation of active and passive speed sensors, as well as to simulate both kinds of sensors to detect possible errors in the ECUs to which they are connected. Jaltest SST is a stand-alone unit that works independently of a scan tool however it is beneficial to use professional diagnostic equipment to monitor speed sensor signals through the ECU.

Jaltest SST has a button that allows the user to interact with the device to select the operating mode. The user, through a lighting panel of LED’s, can easily detect possible errors without the need to carry out difficult and complex tests.

Performs direct diagnosis in:· 

  • Active speed sensors
  • Passive speed sensors

Simulates sensor signals and valid for:· 

  • Verification of the wire harness.
  • Verification of the connectors.
  • Verification of the Electronic Control Unit.

Use for sensor diagnostics, including short or open circuits.and fits all sensor type connectors.

Jaltest SST is the perfect complement for Jaltest Diagnostics, with a one-button operation.  After the repair there is no need for a road test, reducing time.

SKU: 10000-13

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