Make $$$ this SummerIndulge in the easy and healthy returns that can be harvested from automotive air-conditioning work. Don’t leave the spoils to contractors or “the guy down the road”.

The simplicity of doing the air-conditioning service yourself when you are ready and not having to wait hours or sometimes days for the contractor to fit you in should not be underestimated.

Automotive air-conditioning work is easy with the Brainbee 9350.

The fully Automatic automotive air-conditioning station for recovering, recycling and recharging R134A refrigerant. With a full touch screen, automatic oil separation, measuring and injection, gas measurement, gas injection. Automatic UV leak-test dye injection, onboard automotive information database and diagnostic functionality. The Aircon service unit can be easily converted to use R1234yf if required. WIFI updates, printing and apps (Android/iOS), including remote support. Australian database including with agriculture database (optional), huge range of accessories and peripherals.


SKU: 10000-38

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