The Aircon Infra-red Leak Detection or  Sniffer tool is a must to have for experienced Aircon technicians when a repair in needed on an automotive aircon system. It was designed to make refrigerant leak detection a whole lot easier. It boasts an impressive ergonomic design not to mention the rugged construction that withstands any abuse out there. Also, its adjustable sensitivity allows technicians to adapt to different environments.

The electronic NDIR rechargeable refrigerant Leak detection ‘sniffer’ instrument can be used for identifying all refrigeration gases, including R32, R134a, R1234yf, R22, R12, R410 etc. Leaking from the vehicle’s AC system.

Adjustable sensitivity (max. 4gr/yr).Warmup time 30 seconds. Probe length 450mm.Peak hold reading (re-settable)

Included is a removable black/normal light torch.

Aircon infra red leak detection kit.

SKU: 10000-44

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