Launch SLD-501 Smoke machine

This great new Launch product is the quickest way to find leaks in intake manifolds, vacuum or air pressure hoses, exhaust systems, and more.

Find out why you have fuel trim adaption fault codes or low boost problems, just to name a few. The SLD501 has an onboard air pump to distribute the smoke. An onboard pressure gauge and flow meter show if you are chasing your tail or a true small or large leak. Imagine you waiting for smoke to appear while there is no leak. The pressure it can achieve is high enough to test high level boost engines’ manifolds. The fluid reservoir is easy to top up with oils available from any supermarket. A timer will turn-off the smoke producer after 5 minutes. The power supply is 12V. The unit is built sturdy with a steel casing, yet it is still light (3.3KG) to make it hyper mobile.

It comes with a carry case for the accessories like:

  • 12V Power cord
  • Smoke tube with nozzle
  • Intake manifold adapter cone, to fit in round tubes (manifolds) from 26mm to 85mm
  • A set of 18 plugging caps from 5mm to 97mm
  • Balloon plug set with hand pump and spare balloon, to plug off unusual shaped pipes greater than 40mm.


  • 1 Bar pressure (14-16Psi) made by internal compressor
  • Flow rate 10L/min
  • Power supply 12V (vehicle battery)
  • Oil reservoir 40ml
  • Main unit dimensions 290x185x210mm
  • Package weight 5.6kg



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