Trucks, Buses, Trailers and other multi axle heavy vehicles are subject to suspension wear and tear. Their job is to make long kilometers at minimal costs.Think about unnecessary tire wear, extra fuel consumption (or EV range), extra forces on non damaged suspension or steering components and driver tiredness when the wheel alignment is out even on one axle alone.

Quickly determine which axle is out of spec, with the high precision drive through Manatec 3D truck aligner. Create a report within 3 minutes.
Perform the actual alignment work in house, where the expert technicians are working.

Available are a 4 target set where the alignment of all axles is done sequentially.
The set can also be purchased as a 3/5 axle simultaneous alignment set (6/10 targets).

AECS will install the equipment and train your technicians. Making it a turn key project for you.
Annual AECS calibration available throughout NZ.

Create extra opportunities in your drive through service bay!


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