A Truck or Bus wheel that is not balanced correctly is putting severe mechanical strain on suspension components, and will wear flat spots on tires (“knobbly tires”). Unbalance will forever increase fuel consumption as the out of balance weight needs to be lugged around every tire revolution.
Brake efficiency issues (CoF failure) are often the result of out of round tires.

Do something about it, with the high quality, sturdy and high precision Manatec VH-200 LX top of the range truck & light commercial wheel balancer!

Automatic and manual brake, Automatic distance input mechanism, Pneumatic wheel lift for heavy truck wheels, PC graphic screen

Bring your workshop into the 21st Century and gain control with AECS and Manatec Equipment.

Quick Spec’s: Wheel Weight <200kg, Rim diam 10″-26″ (max wheel diam 1270mm), Rim width 1.5″-20″, Precision 1gr/10gr, Speed 200/100 RPM, Power 0.55KW


SKU: 10000-96

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