We have all seen the internet videos of cowboys putting tires on truck rims with hammers, crowbars, petrol, cigarettes and jandals.
We live in a large country with long KMs and work in a professional industry.

Manatec Truck Tire machines are designed to do the job safely, quickly and with ease.
Our work does not have to be miserable.

The HCV 1027 is designed for Truck, Bus and commercial trailer wheels, it is a beautiful heavy piece of precision engineering. A pride to have in any workshop.

Quick tech spec’s: Inner rim clamp diam 14″ – 27″, max wheel diameter 1600mm, max wheel width 780mm, max wheel weight 1500kg, bead breaker 1865kgs force, hydraulic pressure <130Bar, power hydraulics 1.5KW 3ph 400V, power geared shaft motor 1.8KW 3ph 400V.


SKU: 10000-95

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